Pest Control

A photo of jade grain productsWhen it comes to pest control we can give you technical advice and help in all areas – grain store, estate, farm and woodland.

We have over 30 years experience in pest control. The battle is constant and we have attended courses run by the three largest manufacturers giving us in depth knowledge of their products and methods.

Below are a few of the major fast-moving product lines but please call us to ask us about our other products such as K-Obiol grain protection.

Rats and Mice

A photo of black pearl pasteThe problem is getting worse every year and a rat or mice infestation can really eat into your profits.

Baiting correctly can save you hundreds of pounds.

We supply sticky boards and rodenticides of all makes and strengths and have solutions for both indoor and outdoor problem areas.

Call us for advice on the best way to tackle your situation.


A advert for sky rocketsThere are many solutions to a Pigeon problem – kites, gas bangers, ropes and rockets, to name but a few.

Portek are a leading supplier with a superb range but we can also help with less standard solutions such as a noise distress machine or laser torch.

An advert for banger ropes

Day Ropes

Day ropes come in three types – continuation (night ropes), double bang and magnum.


Kites come with a 7 metre pole and two heads to keep pigeons scared; crop guards, sentinels, hawk eyes and other wind driven deterrents.

Other Pests

We also supply cages, sprays, chemicals, fencing and snares to cover Deer, Mink, Squirrel, Larsen, Moles, Wasps, Ants, Flies and Rabbits.

Our pest control range is vast – please call us to discuss your needs.